Is creativity enough?

good ideas and problems - morning session brai...
good ideas and problems – morning session brainstorming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever participated in a so-called “brainstorming session”? What has been your experience? If you have walked away from a brainstorming session feeling that there were some good ideas put forward but you sincerely doubt that they can be implemented, you are not alone.

The problem with brainstorming sessions is that many ideas are generated but how many of them are implemented. You see, often people who attend these kind of meetings come up with ideas as a sort of “public relations”. They wish to get noticed. But have they thought through their ideas and will they implement them?

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How does a system of entrepreneurship help you implement your best idea?

Fresh red chile de árbol chili peppers
Fresh red chile de árbol chili peppers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Start-up founders were asked the following question on a popular online forum: “What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?”. There were many replies to this question from start-up founders and owners with a lot of them saying how difficult it was to “turn it off”, to create a vision, a culture, to find the right people and to get enough sleep.

One entrepreneur said that you learn to do what you need to do when you get punched in the face many, many times. You also learn, said the entrepreneur, that you are bad at many things, lucky if you’re good at a handful and the only thing you can ever be great at is being yourself “which is why you can never compromise it”. Continue reading “How does a system of entrepreneurship help you implement your best idea?”

No one laughs at you when you stand in line to buy a lottery ticket but if you’ve got a new idea…

People stand in a long queue on a Saturday afternoon to buy a lottery ticket. Everyone looks serious. It’s a big decision. To spend a small amount and to win untold riches. But nobody is laughing at you when you stand in that lottery ticket queue. No one is poking fun at you. No one is sneering.

In your circle of friends and family have you ever met anyone who had made a fortune from buying a lottery ticket? I don’t know about you, but I have never met anyone who has won a massive amount from the purchase of a lottery ticket. The only person that comes to mind was a hardware store owner in a coastal town where I grew up who was said to have won a lottery ticket and closed down his hardware store. Continue reading “No one laughs at you when you stand in line to buy a lottery ticket but if you’ve got a new idea…”

Is your idea ready for liftoff?

Oscar Pistorius trialThe Oscar Pistorius trial in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria seems to be the topic of conversation just about everywhere. DJs on the radio are talking about the hidden beauties in the legal teams, social media is buzzing constantly with comments and jokes and in the bars in the evenings some fantastic theories are being concocted on what really happened on that fateful Valentine’s night a year ago.

One of the things about the trial that interested me was a story in one of the weekly magazines that showed how much time that legal teams take to thoroughly prepare witnesses for a case. In a big stressful case like this the credibility of witnesses is vital. Witnesses, some of the criminal law specialists said, must go through their testimony clearly so that everyone can understand and mustn’t say more than necessary either. Continue reading “Is your idea ready for liftoff?”

Hey Joe, where are you going with that idea in your hand?

I came across a story this week about a man who has come up with a way to make a diesel-like fuel from waste plastic and old tyres. William Graham is testing his fuel in a diesel powered vehicle. His fuel costs 40% less than regular diesel.

William, who believes “nothing is impossible”, also came up with a desalination system for producing fresh drinking water. His technology is used in plants around the world.

Moctar Dembele from Burkina Faso and Gerard Niyondiko from Burundi have created a malaria-repellent soap using local herbs. They won the $25,000 Global Social Venture Competition.

These are people who believe in their ideas and work on them until they become reality.

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A flight plan before you take off with your new business idea

soaring at sunrise
soaring at sunrise (Photo credit: (nz)dave)

It’s time for action. You’ve tested your useful, new business idea in the marketplace and refined it. You’re ready to introduce your product or service on a wider scale.

Don’t be too hasty.  Preparation – organised planning –that important final step needs careful thought before you thrust your business into flight.

It’s astonishing how many would-be entrepreneurs and start-up owners forget this step, plunging headlong into their business venture without proper preparation.

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