Hey Joe, where are you going with that idea in your hand?

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I came across a story this week about a man who has come up with a way to make a diesel-like fuel from waste plastic and old tyres. William Graham is testing his fuel in a diesel powered vehicle. His fuel costs 40% less than regular diesel.

William, who believes “nothing is impossible”, also came up with a desalination system for producing fresh drinking water. His technology is used in plants around the world.

Moctar Dembele from Burkina Faso and Gerard Niyondiko from Burundi have created a malaria-repellent soap using local herbs. They won the $25,000 Global Social Venture Competition.

These are people who believe in their ideas and work on them until they become reality.

What about those who walk around with an idea in their hand but don’t do anything with it?

I’m just as guilty. I’ve got ideas I’ve been carrying around for ages but haven’t implemented.

Self-doubt is a paralyzing infliction. It prevents people turning their promising ideas into products and services that will benefit other’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong but well-meaning people with negative attitudes don’t help either – those who tell you to forget about your ideas and move onto something “practical”. But let’s stop this talk from going way down south.

I know I’ll get the heat for this but smooth talking new age coaches and consulting wizards floating skyward make it seem easy to implement ideas.

They use lickable wallpaper and chocolate river words that make everything seem like the inventing room in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

What then is the middle way?

It’s to have self-confidence and picture yourself succeeding. It’s about taking small steps and failing on a small scale rather than taking gigantic leaps into the unknown. Some of the wealthiest people in society are conservative when it comes to risk-taking.

This blog wouldn’t be up and running if I didn’t take the idea from my hand when it came and put it into action.

Yes, bringing a new idea to life takes time and hard work. Coming up with an idea is the exciting 5% but the 95% is development and implementation.

You better believe it right now but the joy in doing so is far better than having regrets.

Yet if you follow the wrong advice you will have more than regrets.

If you develop and implement your idea the wrong way, you can seriously damage your life savings (a bad idea anyway because when you take small bets on your own ideas it needs to be with money that you can afford to lose).

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The best ideas people have already done so … without any whispering in their ears.

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Chesney Bradshaw

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