What are the five stages of crossing the unknown sea?

John M. Fisher’s Process of Transition
John M. Fisher’s Process of Transition

People face making important transitions in their careers and lives. It doesn’t always have to be a painful process if you know how to handle a transition in your life or career.

One of the important tools in managing personal transitions or inner journeys is to understand that transformation follows a definite stage process. It is useful to have such a model because it allows you to understand what is happening and enables you to make sense of your world. Continue reading “What are the five stages of crossing the unknown sea?”

Crossing the unknown sea

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Personal voyages – your inner journeys – should begin with excitement. You’ve probably reached a point in your life where you’ve chosen to move on or move forward. But realistically, and in all honesty, personal voyages can start with uncertainty, trepidation and an empty feeling in your stomach.

This is not the right way to start anything so it’s best that you do some self-introspection and reflection if you feel that your start is stuttering – in other words if you have concerns and doubts. Continue reading “Crossing the unknown sea”