What are the five stages of crossing the unknown sea?

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John M. Fisher’s Process of Transition
John M. Fisher’s Process of Transition

People face making important transitions in their careers and lives. It doesn’t always have to be a painful process if you know how to handle a transition in your life or career.

One of the important tools in managing personal transitions or inner journeys is to understand that transformation follows a definite stage process. It is useful to have such a model because it allows you to understand what is happening and enables you to make sense of your world.

Often what is experienced can be shattering and you are left dazed and confused. You don’t know which way to turn. What is happening to you? Your old familiar world comes tumbling down.

I have broken down the stages on transition after experiencing many myself and helping others to understand and work through theirs into the following five stages:

1 Sensing need to change
2 Deciding to do something about it
3 Preparing yourself for the journey
4. Crossing the chasm
5 Making it happen

It is through these stages or process that you are able to make sense of transitions and in many cases even become excited about the possibilities that transition may bring. For example, if you have always hankered to find financial independence then crossing from a full-time job into doing something on your own can be energising.

But there are many other transitions such as career, rewiring yourself for “retirement” such as becoming a consultant or helping in the community, lifestyle relocation to someplace where you’ve never lived before but have always dreamed of doing, change of lifestyle and even the most difficult of all change involving personal circumstances and relationships.

Nothing ever stays the same. We falsely believe that the status quote will prevail but two forces are always working and that is the change in our environment and the change we experience within. Instead of handling a transition on your own you may well need to decide on someone who can be your mentor, coach or guide. This makes the process easier.

I believe crossing the unknown sea to reach your potential in life doesn’t have to be a survival course. It can be an exciting adventure when you live creatively by using your skills and talents to meet whatever challenge you may face.

For people wanting to make that journey were looking to start something new with a career, change, lifestyle relocation, financial independence or meaningful contribution in “retirement”, I have developed a practical, no-nonsense guide that mentors you on using your creative potential to achieve what you really want in life. Here’s the link.

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