The perfect thing

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The perfect thing

Is there a business that is the perfect thing?

Some would say there isn’t.

What is the perfect thing in business?

We talking here about the one-person business, not the small-to-medium-size enterprise.

The other day I bought a coffee at a garage because of the power cuts. The small coffee area used to be run by one person. Now there are three people running it. In the small space that they have, they are bumping into each other and it looks chaotic.

This is a franchised chain outlet. It’s not a one-person business. Whether it’s profitable or not, one doesn’t know. But it’s doubtful. How could you have three people running what is essentially a hole in the wall operation.

My friend found his perfect thing after many years. It was a business that required machinery and himself. The product he produced was sold to wholesalers and retail outlets. But the big money was in large contracts.

He ran this business for a number of years.

I met a one-person business owner the other day. I wouldn’t want to say what sector or industry he is in. But perhaps he has the perfect thing. One person (himself) and large contracts. It’s taken him six years to learn the skills and get to where he is now.

Have you power found the perfect thing?

Are you looking for the perfect thing?

Whatever you think it is, you decide.

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