The sharper your words, the less you cry

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I was thrust into cooking meals at home and suddenly had to take on the responsibility of putting meals on the table.

Now I didn’t need to go to cooking school to learn how to cook basic meals. I began by cooking some of the meals that I know how to cook. I found out from family and friends how they prepare their meals. I went online and researched recipes, but I found that often they are too complicated, include too many ingredients, are expensive, or take too long to prepare.

This is the thing isn’t it,? You don’t have to go to cooking school to prepare family meals. A little bit of knowledge will get you a long way.

However, when the stakes (not steaks) are higher, then you need to equip yourself with the best you can afford.

You can’t work in cuisine, in restaurants, or in other catering roles, unless you’ve had proper training. Try it. You won’t get very far.

I love the story of Kathleen Flinn, who went to the Le Cordon Bleu School in France to up her culinary game. Her gruelling training is documented in her memoir “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry”. It’s a good read. She wanted to learn from the best.

Now the same thing applies to business writing. You’ve learnt the basics at school or university and now you can write. A little also goes along way.

However, if writing is one of your key skills in your work or your business, then you have to up your game. Why? Well, the answer is obvious. If you’re not getting results, not advancing your career, or attracting customers, you are failing.

The Better Business Writing Course comes from my 40 years of earning a living as a writer and a deep interest in writing for business. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, company magazines, websites, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, and even written comic book scrips, long fiction, short fiction, and poetry. Some may laugh at poetry, but it’s one of the secrets to persuasive writing.

If you aspire to reach higher levels in your writing, then my course will take you through everything you need to know, and more, about being a professional writer.

Thank goodness I learnt what I did along the way. I was able to go far further than my peers and for a much longer time. Business writing helped me help me reach the summit of my career in a field that, you guessed it, required excellence in writing. Remember, writing also helps with your public speaking skills.

Now if you are worried about who I am, why not look at my LinkedIn profile. There you can find out about me and see all the facts. One thing I can say to you is that when you look at my career progression remember that my writing has been critical to my success.

When you’ve got a family to feed, when you’ve got no backdoor, no other options, you have to learn your trade backwards. It’s a matter of survival where nobody is going to give you a break, pat you on the back – rather they looking for an excuse to kick you up your butt.

If you want to succeed in business writing, then the better business writing course may be for you.

Before you decide, go look at some of the courses available. You’ll find most of them are written by academics who have never had to write to put food on the table.You’ll find other courses concocted by those spat out of media jobs and now trying to make it in training. Look at those courses, 

That might sound harsh but writing, professional writing to make a living is hard work. My father who was a journalist all his life warned me but I went ahead anyway. I  knocked my head against the wall and had to learn every trick in the book to become professional.

If you are serious about improving your business writing, then let me know if you iare interested and I can share the course with you.

You won’t get a certificate for this course. If you need that kind of recognition, you’ve come to the wrong place. But you will know how to write after you finish this course and make writing an important skill for your career or make a bigger impact on your business.

It’s not a course for everyone. Rather, it is for those few who understand that writing is going to help them or their business and they need help to learn how to do it. It’s this commitment I want – nothing less – because if you don’t have it, you’re not going to benefit from the better business writing course.

Let me know in the comments below if you are interested. We can arrange a quick chat to see if it’s for you.

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