Too stupid to recognize what was destroying his career

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Andre was a nice enough chap. He knew his discipline very well because he had been doing his type of work for many years.

The problem he had was that he wrote his reports, emails, and short messaging in a pigeon-English style.

English was his second language, although that isn’t entirely correct because it wasn’t even really his second language in the true sense. In other words, he couldn’t speak or write it properly.

He was pretty good at brown-nosing superiors in his function. When an opportunity came up for promotion, he applied and was promoted. His superiors had an agenda to promote him to place weak people in senior positions where they could control them.

Things change. New people come in. It often becomes a new ballgame.

A younger man was brought in by one of the senior managers to run a divisional function. This man was smooth, well-groomed, and spoke and wrote business English well. His name was Sunny.

Over time, Sunny and his boss conspired to take over Andre’s head office role.

Andre was threatened, tried to appeal to his superiors, but they all knew he wasn’t polished for the job. Plus they wanted to support the new management team.

After about two years, Sunny took over from Andre, who was placed in a menial administrative role below Sunny. Andre now sits in this mind-numbing job, hanging on for dear life until his retirement.

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