Why is effective writing so critical to an organization’s success?

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Business writing impacts many areas in a business including obtaining agreements, the sales process, organisational reputation and personal reputation.

Everything we put in writing whether in an email or a letter is a reflection of us as professionals in the workplace and a reflection on our organisation.

The Better Business Writing Course equips business people to succeed in the business world by giving them the tools they need to write with impact, no matter the challenge. 

Business people benefit from step-by-step guidance and tips for success to write more clearly and strategically from tweets and emails to proposals and formal reports. 

Emails have become the most important form of written communication in business especially due to the rapid rise in digital communication.

Business people receive so many emails daily that it’s important to get your e-mails read. Subject lines mustn’t be relevant or boring otherwise readers can leave your emails unopened or delete them. 

Messages that are too brief for too long cause difficulty for the business person. Over informal, cryptic emails reduce clarity and understanding. With the emphasis on speed, we need to communicate with clarity and avoid the risk of being misunderstood or giving less than a positive impression.

The course is available on my website and teachable.com and covers business writing in six easy lessons:

Lesson one – The writing process

Lesson two – Organising your thoughts

Lesson three – Beginnings: Getting and holding your reader’s attention

Lesson four – Closing: finish strong

Lesson five – Style (and tone) to suit different situations

Lesson six – Writing with power: self-editing

With the high volume of digital correspondence required today, especially with many people working from home, this course will help with reaching agreements faster, better relations between colleagues and customers and help to make people confident in their writing. 

If you know of someone who would benefit from this course, please let me know. 

Kind regards

Chesney Bradshaw

The Better Business Writing Course is available on either on these websites:https://ideaaccelerator.co.za/dashboard/  


Chesney Bradshaw has more than 30 years business experience in commerce and industry including business writing, producing magazines, writing coaching, corporate communications and sustainability management. He is author of the books “Better Business Writing Guide” and “Breakthrough Ideas”. He also mentors and coaches businesspeople in communications and business writing with confidence and less frustration through quick practical tips and examples from his years of business experience.

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