Your Business Writing Coach: Chesney Bradshaw

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Your Business Writing Coach: Chesney Bradshaw

The writing coaching process

You’ll tell Chesney all about your writing, starting with the toughest obstacles and how they’re stifling your career or business success. You’ll identify your strengths as a writer (everyone has strengths!), the types of documents and emails you want to master, and how better writing can produce better outcomes — for you, the company you work for or your own business.

Then you and Chesney will review your typical approach for completing on-the-jobs documents, which may include outlining, freewriting, editing, and more.

Customized business writing coaching

After analyzing your input and writing samples (proprietary information deleted), Chesney will tailor a coaching program for your needs. During your weekly virtual business writing coaching sessions, he’ll guide you through the most important strategies for meaningful and sustainable improvement.

You’ll learn by doing, applying skills such as brevity, flow, organization, and persuasiveness to specially designed exercises and to your day-to-day writing.

Ongoing improvement for your business writing

Chesney will assess your progress and discuss strategies for continued development.

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