You’ve developed your product but what now? Finding your first client is the challenge

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You spend months, maybe longer, developing your new product or service, and now you face your major challenge — that is to get your first client or customer.

Without customers you don’t have a business. But it’s always hard to persuade that first customer to buy.

It’s is the real test of your business. Everything that has gone before – all the planning, all the development work, amounts to little if you can’t attract buyers.

This is the point where you will find how important communication reallyis. You will need to communicate your ideas and concepts verbally and in written form.

When it comes to sales we’re not talking about being pushy or showing desperation. You need to have confidence that your product or service will help others – save money, make money or improve potential customers’ lives in some way or another.

We can’t go into all the different facets of selling here save to say that you need to be skilled at words that come out of your mouth and know when to stop talking. Beware that when you are selling, you can often talk yourself out of the sale at a critical point.

Written communication takes many various forms in selling your product or service. Think about it for moment – you will need to write emails, you will need to write sales literature, formal letters, presentations, written agreements and so on.

Skill with written words doesn’t come easily for many. The written word reflects who you are and creates perceptions about yourself.

People, customers, potential customers and buyers are bombarded by communication messages particularly sales messages because of electronic communications.

Every time you open the Facebook app or Instagram, you are hit with a sales message, sometimes several of them. Sales messages are appearing in your inbox. When you’ve done a search on a certain product many websites you open will have small banner advertisements for products that Internet marketers think you are interested in.

You need to make sure that your message cuts through the avalanche of sales messages that people are receiving all day long. What are you going to do to make your message stand out? How are you going to sell your product or services features, advantages and benefits? It’s no use copying the sales messages of similar products or services. You have to be fresh and original and persuasive.

If you need assistance with your written communication, let us know and we will see if we can help.

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