It’s important to find your “Why” but how?

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If you’ve been through one of these change management exercises, you will know that a lot of focus is put on finding your “purpose” or your “why”. Your purpose, beliefs and key drivers provide the fuel that motivates you to change and excel. But I haven’t experienced any of these sessions that pause for a while and give you opportunity to work on finding your personal “why”.

Perhaps this is because it all sounds intellectually easy but in real life finding your purpose can take a lot longer than you think. Not only that but you need to have a framework and tools to help you capture what is important to you. They are so many of these methodologies now out there that it’s difficult to decide what is the genuine article, what works and what is merely guru advisers packaging old stuff in new wrappers with an outrageously expensive price tag.

But if you are wanting to change or start a new venture it makes sense to know why you want to go in a new direction. It helps to clarify your thinking and focus your energies towards achieving your objectives and goals. If you want to start something new, for example, you could get yourself a copy of “Breakthrough Ideas” but I’m not so sure this would help you unless you had a good idea and knew where you were going. Unless you were clear upfront on your personal need to achieve, you would find it difficult to keep motivated, especially because starting something new will involve roadblocks, obstacles and resistance.

Yet there are tools and simple exercises that you can do that can make a huge difference. They’ll help you to uncover the driving forces in your life and work and once you have identified common themes and condensed your personal information, you’ll have a much better idea of where you want to go, where you can head towards, where you feel alive, energetic and eager to perform. You can do all this by yourself, perhaps over a weekend or two, but not everyone is as self-disciplined. This is why it is important to have someone experienced enough to look from the outside so to speak and help you find clarity.

It’s almost a precondition that before you buy “Breakthrough Ideas” that you have a clear purpose and goal in mind. You need to know what drives you, your personal compelling “Why”. The reason is simply that once you know what why you do what you do, you can channel much more energy into how you want to do it and what you want to offer as a product or service. If you get yourself a copy of “Breakthrough Ideas” you’ll come up with a new idea soon enough and will be motivated to do it. Here’s the link.

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