A business person shares a success secret

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Photo by Nicolás Perondi on Unsplash

I used to go to a restaurant quite regularly because it was so well run by the owner. The experience there was good because the staff were happy, he came and chatted to customers and he always played pleasant music.

One evening he shared a secret of his success, not put in that way but he showed how he had gone about creating wealth.

Now, to start at the beginning, this business person began by owning a restaurant that was part of a franchise chain. He bought the restaurant franchise from previous owners who were not successful.

The first thing he did was to renovate the place, change the menu ( in keeping with the franchise menu but with some variation), hired new staff and kept a close watch on everything.

Once his restaurant was running smoothly, he began looking for new opportunities. He found a pizza outlet in another suburb that had been neglected by the owners. He bought the pizza outlet and went about refurbishing it. He established the pizza outlet as the leading one in the suburb.

Not satisfied with those two successes, he went on to buy another pizza outlet that had been bought for someone’s son but he was never in the outlet, gallivanting all over the place and pizza outlet went down. Again, the entrepreneurial restaurant owner rebuilt the outlet and slowly but surely increased customer volume.

After all this hard work, and this entrepreneur was never shy of hard work, he got his lucky break. Yes, there are lucky breaks when you work hard.

An international chain came into the country to expand and made him offers on his two pizza outlets. He was able to receive a princely sum for both pizza outlets.

The real secret of this entrepreneur’s success was to find run-down businesses and re- establish them as successful outlets. The opportunity to sell both of them to an international chain of pizza outlets was really the cherry on top.

What paid for him in the long run was to spot these opportunities, to work hard and make them successful. 

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