Anyway the main thing is

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Patty Larkin. Photo: Wikimedia commons

“Anyway the main thing is
Regrooving the dream
Regrooving the (sic)”

Anyway, the main thing is that this song, called Anyway, the main thing is, by Patty Larkin, has an interesting title.

It’s not one I’ve come across.

It makes you want to find out what the main thing is.

I like this love song because it’s different to many of the love songs I’ve heard.

Love is one of the big themes in countless songs because it is such a potent emotion for lovers.

Usually, songs about love are about the bad side of love, where things have fallen apart. Lovers are trying to make new beginnings. Lovers are going through pain. Lovers seem lost. Lovers have to renew their life.

I enjoy lyrics like this from Patty Larkin ?because they give a new meaning to an old theme.

This is something that you have to watch, or anyone has to watch in their writing, whether it’s prose or business writing or fiction.

You can’t come up with the same old tired phrases and expect people to be interested in what you’ve written.

Coming up with new phrases, descriptions, and object correlatives for human emotions is very difficult, exceedingly difficult.

There are ways to come up with new phrases, symbols, and metaphors, but you really have to know your subject to do so.

Anyway, the main thing is to think of new ways to describe familiar things.

If you want help with this, let me know.

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