Having difficulties revising and editing your own work?

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It’s difficult to revise and edit your own work. You need to switch gears and become hypocritical about what you’ve written.

It’s not just about the grammar and punctuation. One of the main things is to make sure that whatever you’ve written will be interesting or satisfying to your readers.

Now there are many ways of revising your work, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

You need to look for how your piece of writing sounds, whether it makes the mark, and whether it’s simply good enough to release it to a scrutinizing readership.

The larger your audience, the more critical it is that you revise and edit your work.

Many people are going to read what you have written. Some of them are going to be hypercritical. Others may lose interest and stop reading. They also may complain. This can be embarrassing. It really rubs salt in your wounds.

You’ve tried hard to make yourself clear. You’ve struggled with something special to say. You think it’s good, but others may not.

The way you go about your revision and editing matters. If you just quickly read through what you’ve written and think it’s OK, you really haven’t done your writing a service. In fact, you’ve done it a disservice.

You see, this is the difficulty about revising and editing work. You never know how someone else is going to view it.

So, as I said at the beginning, you almost have to become a different reader of your own work. ?You need to read your own work as a discriminating reader would, or even as an editor.

If you want assistance with revising and editing your work, I may be able to help. I get a lot of requests, so you’d need to get in quickly before others do. I also don’t take anyone on, because I know the pitfalls. That’s why it’s best to send me a piece and check with me to find out if I would take it on for you.

You know, I recently put out an advertisement for a roof painting project, and I got close to 100 responses. The problem is that, sifting through the responses, I could clearly see that most of them were desperate or amateurs. Some reputable painting companies with years of experience didn’t even reply. And you know why this is? It’s because they’ve got plenty work to fill their books from now till winter. Can you believe that? But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

So if you feel I could help you, let me know soonest.

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