Are you failing more than succeeding?

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Learning from WASH System Failures:  Resilient...
Learning from WASH System Failures: Resilient Risk Reduction_13 (Photo credit: worldwaterweek)

You’ve probably met someone like this before – the guy who can blame his failure on other people or circumstances. I sat next to a man at a recent event and had to listen as he explained how he had lost his job because of the company he worked for was corrupt, he tried something new to earn an income but circumstances weren’t right, he lost his wife but it was her fault, he helped his daughter start her business but she wouldn’t speak to him any more.

It’s sad how some people can’t admit their mistakes and learn from their failures.

Start-up or small business owners know only too well that they have to deal with the demon of fear of failure or it will paralyse them. You know how it is, when you’re learning from the school of life or the classroom of hard knocks, you make mistakes and fail many times before you eventually succeed.

Perhaps your first attempt at turning an idea you’re excited about into a new product or service doesn’t turn out exactly as you expected.

The sales promotion you planned to give your small business some much-needed resuscitation has unfortunately flopped.

You have failed to raise the necessary investment to expand your business because the pitch you gave to your potential investors was done in a hurry and didn’t instill confidence in them.

What’s going on? What’s happening here? Why is it that we put our best efforts into something that turns up with a big fat zero?

You only need to look at your daily newspaper to see how many companies fail at what they promise to do. Some have clever spinmeisters and puff artists who are paid to accentuate the positive and downplay or hide the negative. But you know they’re not fooling you. You know that they can’t fool someone like you who has the common sense and intelligence to see through their charade.

But why should you listen to me? I have failed more times then I wish to admit. My only saving grace is that I keep coming back and trying out new things in the hope that maybe this time it’s going to work. Because I’m not willing to give up I have learnt to examine my failures, correct them and deal with them. I show people how to become better at their business decisions. It doesn’t matter if it’s turning an idea into a product or service, taking an existing idea and making it better, cheaper or faster, unlocking the value in their sales strategies, showing small business owners how to take advantage of social media and blogging or helping to make their businesses more sustainable.

You don’t become a better start-up or small business owner through luck or the business gossip you hear on the radio or see in newspapers and magazines. You achieve it through knowing what you’re doing, through hard work, planning and strong execution. You know how to use the limited resources you have or leverage other resources. Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant strategist but he overextended himself, running out of resources for his armies on the march.

You become a better business person through not repeating the mistakes others have made.

You become successful through planning, staying within the bounds of your circle of competence, changing your belief system and by knowing what you are doing, through hard work, planning and great execution.

I will help you become a better small business decisionmaker. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out. I have helped people who only have going for them an idea that they are passionate about. Some are battle-weary small businesses that don’t know who to turn to. It really doesn’t matter because my business experience, insight and tools are universal.

So what’s it to be?

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