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234_1A small business owner who started a business in my local community has expanded his business twice.

In these hard times, this is extraordinary.

How did he do it?

Through the applied creativity that comes from identifying a market gap. Creating the right value-for-money product. And, most importantly, friendly, helpful customer service.

Could you do the same? Do you know what it takes? Where will you find the help to create such a possibility in your life?

Now, you might say that it took more than this to form this small business. Well, yes it did. Of course it did.

The key to coming up with this business idea and implementing it follows a clear creative process.

It began by looking for opportunities. Remember, this is someone who has never run a similar business before. But he knew what customers want. So do you. You have been a customer for so many years. You know what good, helpful customer service is all about. You know when you are getting a product that is value for money.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you gain an insight that starred you in the face all the time?

You might want to kick yourself for not seeing the opportunity before.

But how long can you go on waiting for your insight or opportunity to come to you?

Whatever your circumstances in these hard and difficult times it’s worth getting hold of a copy of “Breakthrough Ideas”.

The book shows you how to find your opportunity. Not any opportunity but one tailored to your passion, skills and experience. You will find how to develop your opportunity into something that can work for you.

Do something about your circumstances and future. Decide to do something for yourself.

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