Artificial intelligence holds hope for new sustainability solutions

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Photo by Buzo Jesús on Unsplash

As the climate emergency grows, private and public institutions as well as individuals are looking for solutions to increase sustainability. There are so many challenges that seem insolvable but something has to be done.

We face challenges with extreme weather events, drought in precious agricultural land, carbon emissions that are ever-growing, increased energy use and environmental pollution that is taking a heavy toll on land, rivers and the ocean.

These challenges may seem insurmountable perhaps to the individual but collectively people whether in advocacy groups, private and public institutions or simply in community organisations can together make a difference.

The digital age bringing with it new technologies holds hope now and in the future to come up with solutions that can help to reduce natural resource consumption, curb carbon emissions and lessen the heavy impact of waste on the environment, including growing landfill sites and environmental destruction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may provide some of the solutions to these challenges. With an increase in cloud computing, the surgence of blockchain and artificial intelligence, new avenues are opening up for solving some of the major challenges in the environment.

One example is where artificial intelligence can be harnessed to gather large volumes of data and detect leakages in water infrastructure. What this means is that huge water losses can be prevented and precious water used for the purpose intended rather than merely becoming runaway water and going to waste.

It is hoped that AI will also contribute to waste streams. Using artificial intelligence and the collection of vast quantities of data, waste can be waste systems can be analysed and opportunities found for more waste reduction, recycling and repurposing. This will help save natural resources such as water (used in production processes, catering, hotels, etc.) and help support and preserve valuable agricultural land. Solutions for reducing deforestation may be may also come from the use of artificial intelligence.

If you are interested in the new digital and other solutions for sustainability, please let us know.

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