Bargain-hunting rampant with poor economy

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Photo courtesy of Undraw

I don’t know if you’ve noticed — perhaps you have — but a lot of bargain-hunting is going on because of the horrid economy.

Specials in supermarkets are being snapped up.

Secondhand clothing stores are flourishing in particular areas.

Property buyers are making low-ball offers for pretty decent properties.

And this is the problem. It’s one thing hunting for price specials but when selling your own valuable assets, you can’t be expected to give them away.

Why should you give away your property for less than the market price?

Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the market improves?

But that’s speculation isn’t it?

When will the market improve? We don’t know. Things are looking bad now. The country’s economy is not performing.

All the growth forecasts in the years gone by have turned to naught. Pie in the sky nonsense.

How can an economy run on very little electricity — and with forced economic policies that undermine business growth?

A hold strategy can work if you’re aware that this entails risk.

For entrepreneurs it’s a different story. If you are an entrepreneur, and a company is selling its stock or assets for less, then you have an opportunity.

Look at all the businesses that are closing down. Assets from these businesses are sold at often bargain prices. This arbitrage opportunity benefits other businesses in their pursuit of profit.

As they say, “One person’s loss is another person’s gain”.

There’s the saying, “Caveat emptor” which is Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. But when the shoe is on the other food and you are a seller, be wary of the buyer.

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