Next to the living sea of waking dreams  

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Photo by Jako Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

I had the privilege after more than 40 years to spend almost an entire summer at the coast. For me the morning walks on the beach from Clovelly to Fish Hoek was the most amazing part of my summer holiday.

One morning I was walking along the beach and it felt as if I was walking in my living dream.

The water the sea water was warm against my ankles, the sea breeze blew softly against my face, I felt the sun all over my body, I smelt the saltiness of the air and became relaxed in a trance-like state.

I had longed for this for more than 40 years – and here I was at last.

It’s amazing. Just think of all the things that happened during those years, and I had made it through – still alive – to enjoy the fruits of my many years of labour.

Some people don’t believe in goals. I don’t know why. But having goals is important. A goal is a positive thing.

When things have become rough in my life, I focus on my goals because, as I said, they are positive things.

Your goals naturally are in the future, but they give you something to look forward to, to aspire to attain.

We know that the pursuit of happiness is illusory. You have it for a moment and then it’s gone.

More importantly, it is to have peace of mind. A famous surgeon and author once said that the safe harbour that we all yearn for is peace of mind.

Yes, the summer is gone. And we’re in that last month before winter comes with its icy grip.

But those memories of walking down the beach and seeing so many people enjoying it – older people, young people, lovers, dog owners and sports people swimming, kite boarding, flying kites, surfing – provides memories that I can tap into at anytime to remind me of happy times.

When we get back into the grind of daily living, dealing with problems, having to make difficult decisions, watching the Rands and cents, it’s so vital that we’ve been able to be free for a while.

It helps us gain perspective about our lives, the things that we enjoy and love, and that we’ve strived so long and hard to achieve.

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  1. Stunning piece of writing!! Profound and inspiring! I walked that same stretch of beach in September last year and also discovered the mysticism you allude to.

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