Can you get more reckless than this?

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The other evening I was walking home and there was a woman of about 26 years old with a baby of about one year in her arm and the mother was skateboarding.

The mother wasn’t wearing a helmet and the baby had no protection.

I stared at this in horror, even though the mother was skateboarding at a relatively slow pace.

It would just take a stone or a quick unbalancing for the mother to fall with the baby on the tarmac surface.

I didn’t know what to do.

Right away what went through my mind was to plead with her to not skateboard with a baby.

But you know how people are, they get pretty huffy if you try to give them advice.

What could I have told her?

I could have said, I suppose, that she’s putting her baby in danger and that if the baby had to fall there would be serious consequences.

But then I thought again that telling her this could elicit a very negative reaction from the mother.

She could have told me to F off.

She may have shouted at me to mind my own business.

She could have told me it’s got nothing to do with me and she’ll carry on and do just what she wants to do.

So what did I do?

I said nothing, turned my back and walked away.

But the picture I’ve got in my mind of that baby in her one arm while the mother was skateboarding has stuck in my mind.

It is for me a frightening picture of gross irresponsibility.

How can a mother who’s supposed to protect the life of a child put her baby in such a dangerous situation?

I just can’t understand it.

I’m not condemning her. No, no, no, not by any means.

I’m just saying I wonder if the woman is even aware of the potential for a serious accident and even a fatality.

Not only this, but if that baby’s head hit the tarmac, she could be mentally damaged for life.

I’m not advocating telling people what to do with their lives. That’s their personal business.

I’m advocating just the opposite:

Surely, people like this mother should be more aware of her responsibility towards her own child.

Anyway, enough said.

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