How does confidence help you to make more money? Are you familiar with the moneymaking power of confidence?

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I’ve seen an 80 year-old confident in her career. I’ve known people who were confident about their careers and business in their middle years now reaping the rewards of early retirement. I’ve seen people who are confident take grip of themselves and lead others through a crisis or tough times.

This is the power of confidence.

I’ve also seen salespeople, and this is a key skill for anyone who wants to succeed in business, confident in their selling ability and having the toughness to close deals.

Confidence can help you in your career, assisting you to climb the ladder.

It can help you in selling your in selling your product or service.

It can assist you through rough times.

It can help you continue to do your job or do business when work and economic conditions are hostile.

The money making power of self-confidence is a valuable personal asset.

What is the definition of self confidence?

“the quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future” –Cambridge Dictionary

The opposite of self-confidence is a lack of confidence:

“a person who has a lack of experience, skill or knowledge in a particular sphere or activity” Reverso Dictionary

How do you gain self-confidence?

Some people who are confident and exude much self-confidence seem to have been born with it. If you ask someone how to acquire self-confidence you’ll get many answers. Search the internet and you’ll be overwhelmed. Self confidence comes from and in a belief in yourself, a sense of self worth, a sense of knowing how to act in certain situations.

But if we go even deeper, self-confidence is right down there in the wizzard and lizard brain. It’s in your upbringing, your psychological make up, your attitude towards others, following the right path, self discipline.

This is just scratching the surface.

‘m not saying it’s over complex but I’m emphasizing that confidence is at the core of our being.

If your lack confidence, then you may need to examine your behaviour and attitude and find ways to increase your self-confidence. If it means talking to a personal coach well that’s good too. You could also speak to a psychologist. There’s another thing – putting yourself in challenging situations to increase your self-confidence. By challenging situations I mean things like making cold calls, selling, closing the sale, speaking in public, not being afraid to speak up when There is an opportunity to do so.

In all, if you look at successful people, you will see that they are confident. Their confidence allows them to achieve more then those who lack self-confidence.

There is certainly a money-making power in self-confidence. This does not mean that you become arrogant. In fact, self-confident people are often humble and Have empathy with others, their family members, friends, customers, suppliers and strangers.

If self-confidence is something you need to build, then take a look at yourself, find ways to overcome your fears and have faith in yourself. By not doing so you could be missing out on life and opportunities it offers.

“Disclaimer: The views and advice presented in this blog post on self-confidence and overcoming lack of self-confidence are based on personal experiences, research, and insights gathered. While every effort has been made to provide accurate and helpful information, readers are encouraged to consult with qualified professionals for personalized guidance tailored to their individual circumstances. The author is not liable for any consequences resulting from the implementation of the suggestions offered in this post.”

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