Catering for the sales and marketing communication needs of small businesses

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Chesney Bradshaw

Businesses are enjoyable to work with in communications whether it be sales and marketing because they predominantly have an optimistic outlook. This is particularly so with small businesses where the owner may have hocked his or her life savings on the business and is going flat out to prove that she or he can be successful. 

This energy and enthusiasm is contagious and work with entrepreneurs like this is exciting. It’s very exciting when an entrepreneur or small businesses has come up with a new business idea, a new process or system or even new technology – often these innovations can help so many customers.

I started a long time ago to assist small businesses with their communication needs. I remember my first one. It was a woman entrepreneur was starting a new domestic cleaning businesses way back when businesses like this were unfamiliar to households. I contributed in the form of writing marketing communications for her. It was most pleasing to see how her business grew and how her business fulfilled her wish to never ever work for an employer.

I have gone on to assist businesses with their marketing and communication needs ranging from search engine optimisation, social media for business to business profiles. This is over a period of 30 years and I have built up a strong foundation in understanding the needs of business, helping them to attract customers.

Those business people who keep quiet about their businesses are selling themselves short. They have may have good reasons for doing this. That’s all very well in a market with a few competitors. But when competitive intensity increases, you need to communicate – communicate with existing customers and potential customers.

A Facebook listing, not updated regularly or a website that is more or less a static brochure, won’t do selling and marketing for your business. You need to invest time and a little bit of money to advertise your company, your product and yourself (because people like doing business with people they know and trust).

If you need help with your sales and marketing communications, please let me know and I will see if I can assist. I don’t take on new clients without much thought because one has to see if there is a fit between the services I can offer and the business owner’s objectives. Even if you just need a review of what you are putting out in the marketplace, contact me and I can make some profitable suggestions.

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