Consultants spouting out platitudes about trust make you want to laugh

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Who can you trust? 

Who do you trust? 

I came across a business consultant in an email promoting a webinar on trust. The consultant is touting that trust is something that changes everything. 

How trustworthy is the business consultant? 

What is a business consultant going to teach you about trust? 

Many people put their trust in the government. The government stole virtually everything. How untrustworthy can you get? 

Can you really trust anything the government says as they continue to steal, plunder, and misrule? 

How much trust do you put in big businesses? They have their self interests. Shareholders rule. 

It‘s actually fascinating to read about the protests from big business when they are accused of increasing prices unnecessarily. But if you go buy things, including insurance, transport, foods, appliances, and vehicles, why is it that so many things have gone up in price and are so outrageously high? 

Remember when the food retailers used to protest against food price increases? There was one chain that was pretty good at it. Do you hear from them these days? Silence. 

Ratings on certain websites give an indication of the trust that customers have in certain companies. Obviously, not all of them are bad. At least these ratings give an indication of trustworthiness and honesty. But always read the comments below each star rating, because there are shocking stories about customer service. 

Managers and supervisors put their trust in workers or employees, only to find out they haven’t done the job. Employees lie and steal behind their backs, stir up trouble, and have such a sense of entitlement that it’s hardly worth employing them in the first place. 

Social media is full of untrustworthy individuals. Criminals abound. It’s better not to accept any solicitations from social media, even requests to buy your stuff. Report scammers. Block them. In most cases, it’s best to ignore requests from weak connections and people you don’t know.

Friends and acquaintances are the ones you think you can trust. But given half a chance, you’ll see how trustworthy they are.

Let’s leave romantic relationships out of it. Over time, you may find out that your loving partner is seeing someone else. There’s always someone looking to provide a shoulder to cry on, ready to snatch the prize from someone else.

So instead of listening to the platitudes of a consultant, trust yourself about what you know about trust. You’ve probably learned many lessons about trust over your life and will probably learn many more.

The main thing is to trust yourself. Trust what you can do in your life to make a difference. Take other people’s claims about their trustworthiness with a pinch of salt. They might be trustworthy today, but given time, things change.

On a lighter note, this quote seems to sum it up: “Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.”

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