What are you going to do when everything goes dark?

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Everything’s gone dark.

Let me repeat for those who weren’t paying attention: everything’s gone dark.

When everything goes dark what are you going to do?

Clowns to the left, jokers to the right say that they’ll deal with it when it comes. Thank goodness for clowns and jokers.

People will burn their generators until the fuel pumps run dry.

I wish Norman and Alfie were around for their witty take on things. Their words would put everything in perspective.

Civilisation brought electricity, water and sewerage. The darkness will take it away.

Dark omens predict complete darkness by May this year.

Dark cities wish they kept their power stations and didn’t rely on the National Grid. Their generation towers lie in rubble.

Dark warnings about the darkness to come were ignored.

Now everyone is left in the dark, not knowing what will happen.

Many offered a shot in the dark about what could be done to stave off the darkness.

Is it too late for a leap in the dark? To rescue the broken country with power ships to add to the national bankruptcy.

Perhaps there is a dark horse about with a plan to prevent the oncoming darkness.

Without it, the darkest hour will soon arrive.

The darkest hour is just before the dawning that everything will go dark.

Are people just whistling in the dark when they believe that complete darkness is inevitable?

A question to ponder when it’s dark as a pocket out there.

All cats are grey after dark and it will be difficult to see a solution in the chaos that ensues.

If all this puts you in a dark cloud, take comfort that you are in good company.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining but in the darkness it will be difficult to see.

No matter how someone paints a dark picture of what is to come, people are in the dark about what will happen.

If you want to take a dark view, you should see some of the clap trap being bandied about investments (new debt) to avoid the darkness.

Looking through a glass darkly, no one can really profess to be able to see what will come.

But for those wishing to go over to the dark side, your time has come. May the Force be with you.

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