Dettol and Domestos recall highlights need for fast action in the interest of public safety

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product-recall-quality-controlPublic health and safety has been again compromised with the announcement this afternoon that Dettol Disinfectant Liquid and Domestos Extended Germ Kill are to be recalled because they may pose a health risk to consumers. This information came from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).

At this stage there’s been no comment from the company that manufactures these products so it is not possible to get their side. However, already comments are pouring in on the Health24 site which broke the story together with SAPA.

Communication speed is important. The lightning-speed of the Internet and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn as well as many others highlights the need for quick reaction whatever size manufacturer you are. Small manufacturing businesses that provide products to consumers need to be very quick off the mark to respond to product problems, including recalls.

It is important for all size manufacturers whether start-ups or existing small manufacturers to assure that their products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Sure, it costs a lot to have your products tested and assured but should something go wrong, the consequences for your product reputation can be tarnished very quickly with consequent falls in sales.

Only last week we saw how the FHM magazine damaged its reputation through remarks on sexual violence. It is doubtful whether the magazine will regain the level of confidence in purporting to not exploit women in their beauty pageants and other events. Much investment will be needed as well as a very long time to rebuild trust and confidence in this product and its line extensions.

It is most unfortunate that the Dettol Disinfectant Liquid and Domestos Extended Germ Kill products still may be available in shops for several days, particularly in rural areas and villages where recall will not take place as fast as it would in larger towns and cities.

The lesson is clear for all size manufacturers but smaller start-up product manufacturing operations should make sure that their products pass the required tests before they are introduced onto the market. Public health and safety requires that products need to meet the highest standard for safe use.

Compliance with safety standards ensures a level of assurance and confidence among consumers not only for the larger global brands but also from small entrepreneurial manufacturers.

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