Do you think this lifestyle is possible before the big door closes?

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(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)
(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)

You’re living in Jeffries Bay, Simon’s Town or Saldana Bay. At Jeffries Bay you wake up in the morning, drive down to the beach and go for a swim in the refreshing sea. Afterwards you go up to the coffee roastery and eat breakfast. With no traffic to mention, you drive to your beach house and start your day’s work.

Perhaps you prefer to live in Simon’s Town. After your day’s work in your home studio you go down to Jubilee Square and take a walk along the jetty. In the cool of the blue evening, you see the yachts gently rocking on the water, their main masts rattling in the stiffening South Easter. It’s invigorating getting out, smelling the fresh salt sea air. You have a deep satisfaction inside that you long ago left the big city behind and are now doing the thing you are most passionate about.

Maybe you prefer Saldana Bay. You let go of a life in the city, the parties, the friends, the big houses and the big cars. You made a choice to leave it all behind and open a bed & breakfast business. Years of teaching were frustrating, left you unappreciated, unrecognised and desperate for a new life. You didn’t do four years at University for this.

You’ve used the skills you love most, your passion actually, to decorate the interior and exterior of your bed & breakfast outlet so that it looks distinctive, unique and pleasing. The hours can be long but you’ve trained a young woman from the town to work from 5 PM to 9 PM for late arrivals and to cook meals if guests prefer not to go out.

On Sundays you take a drive along the coast and stop at your favourite restaurant for lunch. Looking over the great vista of the the Atlantic Ocean where on some days it stretches all out to the horizon, you feel happy that you made the right choices for yourself and perhaps your loved ones.

How far are you away from your ideal lifestyle? Do you still hold your dream fast in your heart? Do you still yearn to leave the big city behind and start something of your own?

If you are unhappy, disenchanted, burnt out but still have a dream to hold onto but feel stuck and life is passing you by, then you might want to find out how you can turn your dream for a lifestyle you crave for into your reality.

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