Does nationalisation of healthcare in a country fraught with corruption worry you?

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Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

Another feeding trough for corrupt politicians is being planned.

If you think this is a wild generalisation, then find out for yourself what the proposed nationalisation of healthcare will bring.

The main point being made here is that it is simply another feeding trough for the corrupt, is a populist programme, and is inspired to control the private sector.

It’s ironic that the country has a reasonably satisfactory healthcare system, but through maladministration and poor management, the present system is hamstrung. It results in a very high death rate compared to other similar countries.

It’s another situation like ESKOM, the state utility company, that has provided a feeding trough for more than a decade.

A few years ago, the feeding frenzy reached its peak. But sadly or tragically, the feeding frenzy continues with many new players.

But to get back to this nationalisation of the healthcare system, beware of what is being proposed. It’s not what you may think .

Fingers appointed at the private health care system The costs of medical care have risen astronomically. Even going to a dentist or doctor costs more than an arm and a leg.

There are some people who have private hospital care but are now using bush doctors and dentists because they can’t afford regular private practitioners.

It is a bizarre situation in a country that has gone downhill and is at the bottom of the list of so-called developing countries in the world. The country has been in an economic recession for over a decade.

Nationalisation of the healthcare system in the country is seen as a solution, but there are others that we won’t go into now.

Grubby hands are only too eager to get hold of the tax money that will be required to support this ideological nationalisation (the misrule includes worshipping a communist country’s health system, which is extravagantly subsidised by 8.5 percent of GDP) of the health care system.

If you have read this and haven’t seen the proposed nationalisation of the healthcare system in this light before, then do some searching on social media sites to inform yourself on a more detailed level.

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