Does your idea have one of these 12 mistakes?

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binderlayingopenWill my idea fly?

How often have you said that to yourself?

When you come up with a new business idea you have no way of knowing whether it will be a winner or whether it will flop.

You’ll only know three months, six months, maybe a year down the line…

… after you’ve spent your hard earned savings investing in your new product or service, trying to get it off the ground.

No one can tell you whether your idea will succeed or fail. Not any marketing guru (please spare yourself), spouse (unless they know you very well) business incubator champion (if you believe in fairy tales), economist (heavens no) or even psychic (ever heard one of those spooning out business advice?).

The only person who will know, the only one who will feel it down his or her bones is you.

You’ve got a lot riding on your shoulders.

And if your new idea is the only horse you’ve got to ride to your financial wealth and prosperity, the stakes will be higher than any professional gambler can handle.

Before you spend time and money on developing, testing, marketing and introducing your new business idea or risking all that you’ve got, you need to look at the 12 areas you must get right if your product or service is going to fly.

You have to get these 12 areas right to stand any chance of success.

If you don’t, any of them will turn out to be your 12 biggest mistakes.

None of us likes to learn an eight-hour tutorial or read a 100-page e-book before we know what we should do to make things right in our business.

We just don’t have the time. Or patience.

But if everything we need is condensed into a simple and easy-to-use tool, we can get to the information we need quickly to help make the right decision.

After years of advising business people, researching deeply into the field, spending thousands on business training and hard-won experience from failures and successes, I’ve developed such a tool.

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