Ever wish you had a beakthrough idea? Ordinary people like this didn’t wish, they made it happen

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Fun in the sun. Copyright Chesney Bradshaw 2016
Fun in the sun. Copyright Chesney Bradshaw 2016

A personal breakthrough is any breakthrough that you have made that improves the quality of your life. It’s a breakthrough for you. It means also any idea you have come up with that ties together your interest or passion together with a way to produce income.

Let’s face it. In this hard economic climate income opportunities are difficult to find unless you are enterprising. Every day ordinary people identify or even stumble across ideas that fit with their interests and passion and that help them achieve the lifestyle they want.

I’m not talking about technological breakthroughs. Apart from the inventors, only the giant corporations which have massively funded research and development departments come up with breakthrough products and services. Yet they don’t always produce winners. I’m thinking of when Polaroid came up with one of the early digital cameras but went about it in a traditional old-fashioned way and lost out completely on the digital camera explosion.

Then there was Felix Dennis, Britain’s self-made multimillionaire, who admits his failure when he came up with a CD from magazine which he kept pumping money into but it failed. After £5,000,000 he stopped funding his “breakthrough” idea.

One woman came to Johannesburg with empty pockets and found a way to attract tenants to a rented house. She didn’t even have capital to buy a house. But she brought in more than 10 tenants at the time into a single dwelling and now has two of them and is thinking of opening a third. Within the short period of three years she has made herself well over a million.

A surfer suddenly woke up in midlife and realised that the world did not owe him a living. He bought a property in a low-income area that within the space of a few years became a sought after suburb. He used the money to buy a larger property and has tenants on his property providing him with an income. From this base he wants to start an international surfers’ backpacker guesthouse and surfing adventure tours.

An accountant while hiking had an idea for a new double-insulated metal water bottle. She developed the bottle over a year and with clever positioning and low-cost creative promotion has to be sold for million units to date

In a list of rich people in the Irish Sunday Independent I noticed that ordinary people have made the incomes from ordinary things such as building materials, beef, hotels, pubs, cement, construction, cardboard, retail and even bookmaking.

Don’t give up on finding your breakthrough idea. Many ordinary people have achieved personal breakthroughs in income and associated lifestyle. You can too.

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