Everything is broken – time for the Cut Me Own Throat (or C.M.O.T) Dibbler characters to thrive

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Image by Night Cafe

Everything is broken.

The electricity power supply is broken.

The water supply is broken.

The drivers license machine at the municipality is broken.

The roads are broken.

The street lights are broken.

The street cleaning service is broken.

Things feel worse than Ankh-Morpork.

But are the entrepreneurs broken?

The Cut Me Own Throat (or C.M.O.T) Dibbler entrepreneurs are trying their best to make a buck.

The other day we spotted a pick up truck with a large diesel tank. It’s a new service to supply homes and offices with fuel for generators.

Some insurance companies have woken up and are offering pothole insurance to cover damages on the broken roads.

Small shopping centres are plastering their roofs with solar panels to attract small businesses.

It’s quite interesting that when the national and local government services collapse and break, “throats” move in with various services and products to help people carry on living.

The tyrants don’t care and don’t believe in service.

The entrepreneurs find the gaps to make a living.

The dictators cut their own throats by not giving a damn about improving the lives of people.

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