Find your golden monkey without tricking your brain (warning: your “rational” brain may resist)

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Golden Monkeys of China
Golden Monkeys of China (Photo credit: afrowolf)

You tell your mind to come up with a new idea… and nothing comes. Minutes flick by. Then hours. Perhaps days.

You’re walking somewhere, could be around the block in your suburb in the evening, and a solution hits you. You could be cleaning the dishes and suddenly an idea pops into your head. Or, you could be driving in the traffic and an idea just springs out from your brain seemingly from nowhere.

Ever heard of the monkey mind? Some call it the mosquito mind. Often you find your thoughts running all over the place, distracting you from what you really want to think about.

Right now I’m thinking of Sweetie Pies. Trust my luck the other day to feel like a Sweetie Pie. I went to my local Pick ‘n Pay on William Nickel drive in Johannesburg and the manager told me they’ve been discontinued. Woolworths doesn’t have them either; they call theirs Cutie Pies, if I remember correctly.

For goodness sake, after all this time Sweetie Pies will be gone. You know, those chocolate pies with white, soft marshmallow inside and purple blue foil wrappers. Maybe they are out of stock that’s all. A new generation of children deprived from munching those chocolate delicacies leaving lips coated with chocolate and white marshmallow.

That’s the monkey brain in action. Random. Exploring. Wild. All over the place.

We live in a time when the old methods of solving problems, finding solutions and coming up with new ideas are often inadequate to the challenges we face. We can’t use our memory to solve inner problems that arise. Memory is based on outdated concepts that don’t work in a dynamic, ever-changing and turbulent present.

Colin Turner says: “Every moment of life is completely new and requires current insight. In the same way that you cannot make fire from stirring ashes, when you allow memorised action to leap into the space reserved for present consciousness, your creativity is blocked.”

The answer, the solution, the new idea will come outside of yourself. The creativity is not necessarily in you; it’s in your marketplace, a wise marketer once said.

The golden monkey is shy and elusive. You will experience its magical power when you give your brain a problem to solve and trust that as you go about your business in the marketplace it will provide you with the answer or idea you seek.

I can’t teach you to find your calm inner centre because that only you can do. But I can show you how to look for ideas outside of yourself.

Here’s where you’ll find out how: “Secrets of Generating Ideas And Turning Them Into Profit.” If your rational brain resists, let your intuitive brain make the decision for you. It will turn out to be more profitable than you think.


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