How aware are you of the need to change things in your life and business?

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Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

I walk along the white sandy beach. In front of me are cuttle fish shells bleached from the sun, bluebottles with their poisonous threads, burgundy jellyfish sparkling in the sun and washed-up kelp drying along the shore.

The salty sea and air blows against my face and I take in the pure freshness of the coastal air. The seawater is a champagne colour up against the shoreline, further out it is turquoise green and further out indigo blue. The waves crash, roll in towards the shore and lap the sand.

I have longed to do this, in fact yearned to be at this place ambling on the beach.

Some may say that you can attain this sense of relaxation that uplifts anywhere where you are. But for me the coast has a special place as I grew up walking and running on this sandy beach. I have returned and feel fortunate that I have been able to do so.

It’s good to have mental and emotional respite from daily routine living. Time to lead some worries take care of themselves. An opportunity to break away from the things that hold us down. A reprieve from difficult relationships and the demands that people place on your time.

It‘s important to step away and try to obtain insight into the bigger picture for your life and work. It doesn’t mean you have to take a walk along the beach. For example, you can simply go to a nearby coffee shop to get away from everything. I remember when I used to do that in the mornings when I was running a team. I then had an opportunity to step away, reflect on what was happening and even set a new vision and goals.

This may sound easy for some but for others it’s difficult. They don’t want to break away from what they doing they are doing. They love being busy. As someone said, don’t stay stuck in the thick of small things. It’s easy to become myopic and only see the trees but never see where you are situated in the forest.

Often the difficulty is that people know what needs to be done but they dillydally and don’t take action. Change can be scary. Change could mean that you have to give one thing up and replace it with another. It can also mean extra work.

What do you think?

What have you found that works in your life and business?

How aware are you of how people and circumstances can hold you prisoner?

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