Helping rescue starfish washed up on the beach (lesson for individuals and businesses)

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Photo by Bastien Ruhland on Unsplash

Earlier this morning we were heading for the beach when we heard sirens and thought the vans were police vehicles. But moments later we find out that they were vehicles from the SPCA emergency unit.

We walked down the beach with them and found out that they were at Clovelly Beach, False Bay, to rescue stranded starfish. There was red tide in Fish Hoek Bay and the starfish were suffocating from the lack of oxygen and were washing up in the shallows.

In the shallows we rescued many starfish – too many to count. The rescue team from the SPCA were working the entire beach. They were going to take them to a rocky shore near Simon’s Town and set them free.

What a wonderful feeling to volunteer and help the professionals with a rescue work. Hundreds of starfish would’ve died had the rescue team not arrived on time.

What disappointed me immensely and made me very sad was the abundance of plastic, fishing line and other junk entangled around the starfish.

Who will be there to rescue you when your life or business washes up on the beach?

This time of the year when people have to face another long year of work whether uncertainty, a poor and crumbling economy and social unrest boiling under the surface, it’s no wonder that they are depressed, dejected and disillusioned.

In such situations if you have close friends, it’s best to talk to them and maybe it can help you. For more complicated or severe problems, it’s best to consult with a professional.

Last year we saw yet another high number of businesses closing shop. At the same time, of course, many small businesses opened their doors, some for the first time. But for those who had to shut their doors forever and try something else again or move on, it was devastating.

Yet how many businesses that closed their doors prematurely could’ve been rescued had they spoken to people with business savvy or to professionals who are who are involved in business rescue.

What are your views?

Have you faced a similar situation?

What would you do?

Please feel free to give your comments below this post.

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