Will a ‘Star chamber’ reduce wasteful public spending?

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By Shaun Hollick, our foreign correspondent on UK and European news with his quirky, yet accurate, insights.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are trying to curtail public spending with a ‘star chamber’. A ‘ war on waste’. Tabs are to put pressure on the elite bureaucracy -Whitehall. Targets are to be set. May be inspired by the Soviet Union?

In the late 1400s, the Tudor king filled a ‘star chamber’ with men powerful simply because he chose them. To extend his power over the people.

The same king decreed those who opposed him in the battle for the crown were traitors, as he was king before the fight! Guaranteed to get them shitting themselves!

Isn’t old world courtesy interesting.

A bit like receiving a parking ticket in Latin in homage to the Roman Empire. Constantine anyway. (Anything to keep the peace with the formerly subjugated). Circa 300 AD.

We’re to think about the waste of time fighting the English civil war against the God given right of the dictator. Eton Boris has aristocratically nodded.

We must be aware of what to do about robots and artificial intelligence in the context of absolutism.

Could biological/computer chips soon reproduce super beings.

Shouldn’t there be something in law?

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