How can you get more prompt service from short-term insurance brokers or agents as service declines to shocking levels

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I can’t believe the level of service from short-term insurers in this country. I have been working with a medical aid broker to look at alternative medical aids since December 2023. It is now April 2024 and the issue has yet to be resolved. Weeks go by and there is no communication from the agent. On the short-term insurance side, I have also been struggling since December 2023 to get more competitive quotes for my vehicle and household insurance. The last time I spoke to this broker was before Easter 2024 and I have still not heard from her.

These brokers or agents work for large companies. One would expect better service from them, but their service is abysmal.

I don’t have any solutions in this blog post on how to get brokers or agents to service me or you more effectively. It seems that the industry is in a crisis. Service levels have plummeted. All I can offer are the suggestions below on how to work more effectively with a broker or agent, but it is no guarantee that they are even going to respond.

I think they have got so used to delivering bad service and have so many clients to service that they ignore the smaller clients, the so-called rats and mice, and just let us continue complaining and complaining.

One point made in the list of suggestions is to provide feedback to their company on the level of service. It is a pity that one would have to complain at a higher level because it then creates a sour relationship with the agent or broker despite what anyone says about positive feedback.

So let’s look at ways can one get a better response from short-term insurance brokers or agents In South Africa. The problem I am finding is that you ask A broker or agent to get second quotes or other things for you and then you wait for weeks until they reply. In the meantime you have to send reminders which don’t get responded to. I wonder if this is a problem because I am a small client and the brokers and agents are overworked.

Improving communication with short-term insurance brokers or agents in South Africa can involve a few strategies:

  1. Set Clear Expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations upfront regarding response times and the level of service you require.
  2. Regular Follow-ups: While it’s frustrating to have to send reminders, sometimes it’s necessary to keep the process moving. Set reminders for yourself to follow up at regular intervals if you haven’t heard back.
  3. Provide Complete Information: Ensure you provide all necessary information upfront to expedite the process. This includes details about your needs, preferences, and any specific requirements.
  4. Consider Multiple Brokers: If you’re not getting timely responses from one broker, consider reaching out to others. Competition might prompt quicker responses.
  5. Request a Dedicated Point of Contact: If possible, request a dedicated point of contact within the brokerage firm to streamline communication and avoid getting lost in the shuffle.
  6. Feedback: Provide constructive feedback if you feel the service is lacking. It’s possible they might not be aware of the delays or issues you’re experiencing.
  7. Explore Online Platforms: Some insurance providers offer online platforms where you can get quotes and manage your policy directly. This might offer a quicker alternative to traditional broker channels.

Remember, while being a small client might play a role in response times, it shouldn’t excuse poor communication. Your needs as a client are still important.

To obtain a better response from short-term insurance brokers or agents in South Africa, especially regarding the timely manner of responses to requests for quotes or actions, there are several strategies you can employ:

  • Direct Communication: Engage in direct communication with the brokers or agents rather than relying solely on email or text messages. This method allows for immediate clarification of any issues and can expedite the process 3.
  • Clear Requirements: Clearly outline the requirements and deadlines for the brokers or agents to adhere to. This can help manage expectations and ensure that tasks are completed within a reasonable timeframe 4.
  • Follow-Up Mechanisms: Implement a system to follow up on outstanding tasks or queries. This could involve making phone calls or sending reminder emails to nudge the brokers or agents towards completing the required steps 7.
  • Client Status Inquiry: Check on the status of your application or query by inquiring directly with the broker or agent. This can help you understand the current state of play and identify any potential bottlenecks 8.
  • Comparison Shopping: Use comparison shopping techniques to pit brokers against each other, which may encourage them to improve their service or pricing 9.
  • Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback loop where you provide constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement to the brokers or agents. This can lead to continuous improvements in service delivery 5.

If you have any ideas on how to get better service from short-term insurer’s agents or brokers, please let me know or leave a comment ?

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