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softwareboxrightThe owner of a small and innovative business came to me with a new business idea. He wanted to know whether it would stand up in his market. Instead of spending hours discussing his brilliant new idea I gave him a tool that he could use to assess the commercial potential of his idea. Since then he has done well with the new media service he developed and introduced.

A second entrepreneur who had success with an online business called me to discuss an idea for a new business on the Internet. Rather than debate the various strengths and weaknesses of his idea, I emailed him a tool to evaluate his idea. A few days later he called to say that he didn’t believe his new business idea in the health field was viable. He decided to move on and come up with a new business idea.

What was it about this new business idea evaluation tool that was able to help these and other entrepreneurs make up their minds?

The practical tool is simply a one-page evaluation sheet that quickly points you to 12 important areas that you need to consider when deciding whether to pursue any new idea for a product or service.

It focuses on customer needs, the market, personal resources you have and those you will need to gain access to and what cost-effective methods you will need to reach customers. This focus on essentials makes it quick and easy to tell at a glance whether your idea has wings or will waddle in the mud.

A series of questions, arranged in an order that helps you think about the key elements required to commercialise your idea, acts as a mini business and marketing plan. These questions extract information that you will need to build your commercial case for your product or service.

All the information you are asked to put down is on one page which keeps you focused on the essentials. You will have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve. You will see how to bring your idea to reality. You will understand what you need to do to commercialise your new business idea.

This tool is “The One-Page New Business Idea Accelerator Evaluation Tool”. It helps you quickly size up the viability and value of your new business idea. No need for 8 hours of tutorials or to read a 100-page e-book. Instead, this must-have tool gets you started right away.

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