How do you come up with results that are better than your best?

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King's_Cross_railway_station_MMB_76I’ve got something to tell you. I think you going to like this.

But before I talk about it I need to ask you some questions.

What are your main challenges in your small business right now?
What conversations are you having about your customers today?
What areas in your business do you wish you could change?

Try out this following experiment: look around your room or store or any where you are right now and selects all objects that are green and try to memorise them.

Now do this: try to visualise all the black or dark objects in the same room or area. Make mental list of those that you can recall. Now check how many black objects there actually were. You most likely missed some.

Why is this? It’s because you were focusing so much on the green objects that you didn’t pay attention to other objects. It’s exactly the same thing that happens with new business ideas. By focusing or limiting your vision on one set of objects you are missing out on a number of possibilities.

The same thing happens when a business adviser visits your business and quickly spots a number of opportunities that you may have missed. It’s not because the person is more intelligent than you but because they are looking with “fresh eyes” and find things that you may have missed.

Lee Iacocca, the business person who rescued Chrysler Corporation said:

“Business really works like mathematics – you can really apply a formula to come up with one solution. There are usually a number of solutions. And very often, there are a number of excellent solutions. Having good business sense means being able to find these solutions. But only a business genius is able to pick the best one.”

It’s extremely important in these economic times and with hyper competition to have not just one best solution but a second, third or even a fourth best solution. This way you are able to be more in control of your small business performance and don’t always need to be on the back foot in a defensive position but when you need to can go on the offensive.

What value can new business ideas bring to your small business?

Here are some that you may find valuable:

  • Extract increased in value from your business
  • Come up with ways to improve your sales
  • Have more motivated employees
  • Develop more satisfied and loyal customers
  • Remain perfectly in control, even when under a competitive threat
  • Find better ways to reduce costs
  • Modify existing products and services to make them better, faster and cheaper

You can make a difference to your small business in these three ways:

  • Subscribe to Idea Accelerator now for practical, hands-on information that sparks new business ideas
  • Get hold of one of our products or courses now for less than a cost of a Burger King hamburger
  • Request a quotation on how I can help you with your business challenge

You can simply stay as you are and leave your business alone to continue on its path and hope for the best economic weather but if you want the best solutions, as Lee Iacocca says, then do something about it and contact me now.

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