How valuable is your local network of contacts to you?

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A guy I met the other day is living and working in a large industrial town in Germany. The thing he misses most is his network of local contacts he used to have living at the coast.

Have you ever thought how much your local network of contacts is worth to you?

For me it’s priceless.

I’ve also moved into a new town where I have only one local contact.

It’s a struggle to find suppliers and professionals from the many who advertise their services on Facebook marketplace and other sites.

A local network has many benefits.

You don’t have to do an extensive search to find someone who can reliably do the job for you.

Another thing is that you stand little chance of being ripped off if you’ve got contacts that you worked with before. They want your ongoing business.

Then there is their expertise. A job can be done in various ways. Unfortunately, a new contractor, who you don’t know, could go for the most expensive solution and not tell you about other options you may have.

?It will cost you plenty.

Finding someone to help you is difficult when you don’t know the person or business.

If, for example, you need someone to assist you with your business writing, who will you turn to?

But this is a contentious issue because many people don’t believe that they need any sort of help when it comes to their business writing.

People will go to extraordinary lengths to not pay a professional.

One person who is dealing with a contract written in Portuguese used Google for translation and went down to the local fish and chip shops to speak to the Portuguese owner and check the translation with him.

This post is not for people who believe that doing it themselves and obtaining the same poor results is worthwhile.

It’s rather reminder to those who are looking for someone to help them with a business writing, whether a report, proposal, email, advertisement or any other document.

If you’ve read this and are looking for help, then contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

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