Some people are big spenders on high ticket items but cheapskates when it comes to things that matter

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One of my favourite observations is people who lavishly spend vast amounts of cash on items that they quickly consume or lose interest in.

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Take someone who will buy a pair of slip slops for half a grand who doesn’t even live near the beach.

One guy I know spends R800 on lunch for him and his girlfriend without blinking an eye.

Another person I know buys bottles of whiskey for over a grand and consumes them in a matter of days.

Look I’m not saying that people don’t deserve to buy what they want.

That’s not the point here. I think why I raise this is because some people will spend on items like this but when it comes to more important areas of their life they are cheapskates or don’t spend anything at all.

But this is not for those people. It’s more for people who run a business or have a career and realise that effective business writing is essential for their progress and success.

Often these more successful people will go out of their way to seek out people who can assist them and pay for their services.

This is why I get a number of clients who specially seek me out and want me to help them with their business reports, proposals, press releases and other documents.

My understanding of why they think getting their press releases, proposals and reports done professionally is worth it is because they realise that it will help them achieve their goals. They will do anything to get the financial results they want.

If you’re just looking for tactics and tips, my service is not the best place for that. If you want advice on how to pull the major levers in your business writing that get the biggest results long term, you’ve come to the right place.

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