Try this if you’re drowning in a sea of problems and festive blues

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Many workers arrived back to work on 27 December with puffy, dark circles around their eyes and sour faces.

One of the main causes was big hangovers from alcohol.

Alcohol consumption is a massive problem among the working population.

I employed a casual worker today who was so hung over that he couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted to work or not.

What problems have you got?

Festive season blues?

Dread about going back to work in January?

What big, seemingly insurmountable problems do you have?

How are you going to solve them?

Well, there’s no easy answer. 

I saw on X this morning that someone said that if you’ve got a problem, you should ten times it and then find the solution.

I suppose this way of doing it will make you understand how insignificant your problem really is compared to the bigger picture of your life.

You might be able to bridge from your problem to a solution more easily when you’ve figured out what you can do when your problem seems smaller than it really is. 

We all have problems. 

This time of the year, many have money problems.

A monthly salary can only go so far.

Other problems could be relationship difficulties.

Another problem could be depression.

How are you going to face another year of work, working for the same old boss and doing the same old things?

Are you going to be any better off?

Are your skills still at the same level?

Did you do anything this year to improve your skills?

Do you want to do better business in 2024?

Someone also chirped on X that asking a why question several times can lead you to the root cause of your problem and then help you avoid it in the future.

It’s a good strategy to think through things and plan before you do anything to avoid problems. 

Some people have problems with their business writing.

Their messages don’t convince their colleagues, customers, suppliers, and influential decision-makers. 

Others in protective, cloistered corporate jobs have low scorecards.

Small business people achieve poor results through a lack of understanding of how to talk to their market.

Most people will believe that they are writing their business messages perfectly, even when they don’t get the results they are trying for.

Proven business writing methods can help you get what you want.

Think about how much business writing you do in a year.

Consider how effective you are.

What sort of impression are you making?

What sort of results are you achieving?

Whatever problem you’re facing, there’s usually a solution. In fact, some wise person said, let the problem lead you to a solution.

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to get someone to help you solve it.

The big thing to remember is to not get involved in other people’s problems.

There are plenty of people with problems who want you to solve them, mostly by asking you for money.

Well, it’s up to you if you want to dish out your hard-earned cash to people who fell into the mess they find themselves in.

Ultimately, to achieve sangfroid, you need to focus on your major problems and find solutions.

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