What present should you give yourself this Christmas?

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I was watching people shop in a frenzy for Christmas presents. It’s amazing how full of passion they are rushing into shops, buying presents for the kids and loved ones.

It makes you think about all the products that are out there on retailer’s shelves, waiting to find a home. All the retailers have their products on display shouting “buy me, buy me, buy me”.

Customers in a garden centre, two days before Christmas, were buying bonsai trees by the dozen and things they’d never buy for themselves, such as garden tools. These garden tools are the luxury ones that come from Germany.

Anyway, what about yourself?

What gift are you going to give yourself this Christmas?

Is it a bottle of whisky?

Perhaps a box of chocolates?

A new gadget?

Could it be ?a selfie stick?

After a full year of living with yourself, perhaps you could find the time to find a special present for yourself, something that would be meaningful to you and for your life.

Some people may want to give themselves the present of being more compassionate to themselves.

For others, accepting themselves just as they are could be very special indeed.

Another present could be permission to make mistakes and not beat themselves up when they mess up.

Yet others may give themselves the gift letting go of the past and getting on with their life.

A very special present to yourself could be gratitude for those things that you already have, such as love, compassion, understanding and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you.

You may also consider the present of self-forgiveness.

Something else that could be a beautiful present is being a special person to those in need.

Whatever gift you give to yourself, may it be something special that will support you in the coming year and beyond.

I take this opportunity to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

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