I wish people didn’t have to make money this way

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 Photo credit: Andrew Taylor aka andytuwphoto
Photo credit: Andrew Taylor aka andytuwphoto

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Onward with the story…

When I was 15 years old I had a boat that I used to row out to the reef just outside my house to catch Red Roman off Kalk Bay.

Unless you knew the exact location of the reef, you were unlikely to catch anything. My father had shown me on earlier occasions going out to sea in his ski boat how to locate the reef. From the sea the marker was a row of three chimneys – the chimneys of houses against the mountain side at different levels that you needed to line up.

Even in those days I’d be lucky if I caught two or three Red Roman. But it was enough for a young boy to take home to his mother to cook. The soft, succulent white meat tasted delicious – for me the best eating fish you could catch from reefs in False Bay.

My mother would prepare fish like no other mom in False Bay. She published a book of fish recipes under the title of “In the Galley with Myra” together with my father’s book on game fishing titled “Fish Aren’t Fools”. Her fish recipes book was the first published in the Cape that I know of. Living at Kalk Bay, she had learnt from the local fishing community how to cook fish like few woman knew how. I’m not exaggerating. In those days “chokka” (squid) was seen as bait by most of the ladies and people who ate “that stuff” were looked down on.

I hadn’t eaten a Red Roman in years until the Seven Seas Fisheries in Northcliff, Johannesburg, brought in some from Mossel Bay. I prepared my Red Roman in the old-style – rubbed with olive oil, garlic and parsley and baked it for 30 minutes. It was mouth-watering and just as good as it tasted so many years ago.

False Bay was an ocean paradise at one time but urbanisation has killed almost everything. People and pollution destroyed a marine wonderland. I can tell you of the wonders of False Bay, fishing off the rocks in boats for my entire years of growing up and the treasures that lay below when I was a diver in the South African Navy. But it’s too painful to recall what has been lost and destroyed in this marine Eldorado.

Today there are people who need to make a living from the little what’s left such as the shark cage diving operations, conservationists milking sympathy for predator species and mammals and raking in their booty by selling t-shirts, caps and trinkets. People who never even grew up along the False Bay coastline.

I for one will never try to make money from a Red Roman conservation society; although such a preservation body is desperately needed. Nor will I ever put on grotesque, maudlin shows in person or on film to pocket money from tourists and children.

I know and understand that these days people have to make a living in any way they can or some can only be satisfied this way in their hunger for fame. Let them. But I wish people didn’t have to make money this way.

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