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Order Breakthrough Ideas online

We’ve all got it. But how much do we use of it?

What’s it, you may ask?

It’s our creativity.

All of us have creativity but are we using it to improve our lives, find new opportunities and solve problems both personal and in business?

You’ve got a problem that you need to solve but wish you had a different approach. You’re frustrated because you need new ideas for increasing your small business. You wonder how you are going to come up with better ideas for a project you need to complete that could make a big difference.

Sound familiar?

Then help may be at hand.

People face creative challenges all the time.

Here’s an example of an appliance manufacturer who wanted to make a toaster for customers that allowed extra time to toast bread or roles. You know, when you have toasted a slice of bread and you want that little extra Browning. Solution? The manufacturer, Breville, came up with a button on the toaster called “A bit more”. It gives you 30 seconds extra time for that little bit more browning.

New ideas can lead to personal or business breakthroughs. People need to come up with new ideas to respond to challenges, problems and difficulties they are facing. But often they just can’t make a personal breakthrough. They rack their brains but still nothing comes.

Other people come up with “brilliant” ideas all the time. But their ideas are just too impractical or improbable to make the cut into viable products or services. Others may have great ideas but they don’t know how to develop and implement them or they go about it in the wrong way.

How do you accelerate your idea generation process?

“Breakthrough Ideas” is a book that shows you simple and practical ways to come up with new business ideas. It is based on research into creativity, proven methods, actual ideas that have succeeded as well as consulting experience. By the end of the first chapter, which will only take a few minutes to read, you will be producing new ideas that could spark your personal breakthrough.

Here are a few sample “creativity guidelines” to help you get what you want most in life because the more creative ideas you generate, the more possibilities you create for yourself:

– Use simple techniques that are proven and which you enjoy
– Personal breakthroughs come when you are prepared – practice, practice, practice
– See your world through fresh eyes
– You become more creative by using creative tools more often
– Fusing or connecting unrelated objects often lead to unexpected new combinations
– Letting ideas “cool” before evaluation leads you select the most promising ones so you can evaluate them with the rational left side of your brain
– Developing ideas follows a definite process and framework that is easy to understand and master

Do you want to learn to accelerate your idea generation through speed thinking? I strongly urge you to read “Breakthrough Ideas”. By investing a few hours in yourself, you’ll find solutions faster and come up with more viable business ideas.

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