Introducing Marketing Lessons from Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy Osbourne

Discover the sneaky marketing secrets of a drug-crazed, boozed-up heavy metal rocker (to quickly make your marketing $#$@ edgy online and off-line)

“I thought I was just going out, having a few beers, going home, shitting myself, then wetting the bed. Everyone did that, didn’t they?” – Ozzy Osbourne, “I am Ozzy”

Brutally frank autobiography. Jail time. Attempted murder charge. Stuff up the nose. Killing chickens. Biting a bat’s head off. The pain, the ecstasy and a mountain of money to live on in comfort and security.

The product so outstanding that even if you don’t like Black Sabbath or the solo Ozzy Osbourne, you’ve got to admire the brilliant achievement of the music.

But between the lines of Ozzy Osbourne’s outrageous, painfully honest autobiography you see the push to break through the over-crowded heavy metal market.

The early positioning, the clear understanding of the young adult market and the clever marketing methods and tricks to push concert and album sales.

It all ended up in selling more than 100 million albums both with Black Sabbath and as a solo artist.

Reading through the book, which must set some sort of record for openness and honesty in the autobiography genre, I was struck by all the marketing lessons that you won’t find in MBA courses and books written by the self-proclaimed marketing experts.

I’ve come up with 12 marketing lessons from Ozzy Osbourne. If you decide to subscribe below, you’ll get one lesson a week for 12 weeks.

You won’t find these lessons anywhere else.

I’ve used my marketing experience over many years, some of which was in FMCG, startups and small businesses and, yes, my MBA degree (which covers none of this stuff but at least embeds the principles), to give you what I can honestly say is a fascinating story of marketing.

I wish someone had written something like this for me to read and put to use … already years ago.

Are you ready?

I can assure you it’s not what you’ll expect.

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