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Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage route
Discovering one’s passion on the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage route of 750 km

A friend who has been trying to find his passion went over to New Zealand and Australia for six months. He travelled in a camper van with his surf board and came back to South Africa with stories: travelling along scary roads up cliffs and in dense trees to surf spots, getting electrocuted leaning against a farmer’s cattle fence and even stumbling on a nudist beach by accident.

Yet after all his amazing adventures, seeing different lifestyles and meeting new people, he hadn’t found his hoped-for passion. You see, after years working in demanding corporate jobs and high-pressure sales promotions, he has taken time to figure out what he really wants to do.

The funny thing was when he came back to South Africa, he spoke to someone who had walked the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage route of 750 kilometres in Spain. Suddenly, he realised that he wanted to do this pilgrimage.

Now he’s into getting fit, shedding “luxury” weight around the midriff and has joined a local running club, something that a former low-handicap golfer, provincial-level surfer and club champion tennis player would never had even considered doing.

He said that after all the frustrating time search for his passion, “My passion found me.”

This is often the case, isn’t it? When we are so determined to find our passion it becomes illusive. But this search in itself brings us closer towards finding what we want to do with enthusiasm and inspiration.

The more you take time to search for what really turns you on, the more you increase your chances. It’s the same with creativity and idea-generation: the more you come up with new business ideas and concepts, the greater your chance of discovering something that’s going to work. Again, it’s almost as if you don’t find your ideas – they seem to find you.

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