It grew from the seed of an idea… into something bigger

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Published by Bell & Cray Media
Published by Bell & Cray Media

In the early 1980s an advertising salesman suggested I read a book. It changed the way I looked at life. It led to a personal breakthrough because it ignited a burning desire. Things went well after that.

It’s funny how life goes because some time after that I lost my way. Life became hard. I began to hate what I was doing. How I was living. At times in our lives we follow a wrong path and get stuck. It’s hard to come back.

I tried everything I could think of. Courses. Personal coaching. Talking to close friends. Then I took a creativity course. One of the exercises was to go collect pebbles in a stream. It sounded ridiculous. But I was looking for the personal breakthrough – something, anything that would change my way of thinking, my perspective. After I had collected those five or six pebbles from a nearby stream, I had a flash of inspiration and realised how much abundance surrounded me.

Slowly, as my mind began to process new information differently I came up with the seed of an idea that grew into “Breakthrough Ideas”. It was my attempt to gather all I had learnt from life and business over many years that not only helped to consolidate and clarify my own thinking but became a sourcebook from the heart to help others on the journey to find meaning and freedom from their present circumstances. In “Breakthrough Ideas” I have condensed the lessons learnt, the insights and steps you can take to turn your life around.

Will it work for you?

I cannot say for sure – because you may be a person who is still looking for your compelling motivation, your personal “Why”.

Then again, the chances of applying the same lessons I teach in “Breakthrough Ideas” are pretty high. Here’s the link.

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