Knocking on the wrong doors in this ruined economy

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In this economy after retrenchments by the score and thousands of businesses closing down many people are finding themselves knocking on doors.

But are they knocking on the right doors?

Many of the doors you have to knock on when your business closes down or when you are retrenched are new, unfamiliar doors.

There are doors that are now permanently closed for certain people. These doors will be shut in your face without regard to what kind of person you are.

Where do you look for open doors?

With so many doors been shut it doesn’t mean that you have to go down the backstreets?

At times like this we all have to open up our thinking to new possibilities and knock on doors that we haven’t knocked on before.

Before people will let you in, they need to know if you are there to offer value and you will work hard for them.

One door that might be worth knocking on is the door of learning as it often comes before the door of opportunity.

We assure you that our door is always open if you need assistance with business writing, business opportunity search, turning ideas into income or businesses as well as risk management such as business continuity.

Remember that a door shut in your face can inspire you to find new doors. You may find a new door that you’ve never thought of before and reach your goal through a different door where you and your experience, skills and talent are valued.

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