Is free advice always valuable?

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So much free information and advice is available these days especially on the internet that it makes you wonder how much of it is really valuable. Yes, of course, some information whether it is free or not is valuable depending what you are looking for.

I subscribe to newsletters, download free ebooks and attend webinars all offering free advice. Few of these resources offer information that is practical or relevant to my life or business.

For the rest of it, the information is interesting but it really doesn’t make a difference.

It’s not always that I’m seeking out valuable information. I search the internet and read emails that I subscribe to for curiosity. To see what others are up to. To see how others have tackled similar problems. Sometimes these sources can be valuable.

The other thing that you need to watch out for is who is providing the information or advice. What are their qualifications? What is their experience? Are they still current in their field? Someone may have the qualifications and experience but they are not up-to-date with the latest trends.

If you’re not sure, perhaps the best thing is to contact the person and find out from them the necessary information that you require to establish their credentials.

If they don’t want to supply it, then perhaps it’s best to leave them alone.

Also watch out for people with vested interests. If you want to obtain information, for example on medical insurance, a broker who is attached to one company will be unable to give you a range of options to choose from.

Family, friends and your professional network can be trusted sources of information and advice. How many times have you taken a problem to a good friend and what they tell you cuts through the clutter and comes right to the point?

The services we offer on this website come with an offer to try them out and if you don’t find them helpful, then no hard feelings. For example, if you want advice on business continuity management or planning, we can arrange Zoom meetings (as many as you want) to better understand your needs. If we can’t assist, we’ll be happy to refer you to someone in our network who can.

In the end it pays to be wary of where information or advice is coming, check the source and compare with other sources of information.

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