One-minute sales message – prospecting in hard times

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Are you finding it difficult to get people interested in your product or service in this stressed economic environment?

Many businesses have closed down because of the harsh and illogical restrictions placed on them during the hard lockdown. People who were once good contacts have lost their jobs. Existing businesses are facing rough times and are being extra cautious about new expenditures.

Yet it is puzzling to see how many sales people are continuing to send out the same old emails as if things haven’t changed in the marketplace. The same applies to selling messages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As I write this, I hear the sound of the familiar tune from the ice cream van across the street. We used to only hear the ice cream van on weekends but during the lockdown the owner started coming out more often, combing even the side streets to prospect for businesses. It’s a tiny businesses but the owner has to support himself and his family.

Door-to-door sales have become costly now days because of transport costs and putting a representative on the road is expensive. Try knocking on a company’s door whether a commercial or manufacturing business theses days – you won’t get past the security.

So a lot of people are using the Internet to prospect. But it’s so crowded and full of messages that are sent out to prospects who are not the least interested in what the salesperson is offering and in many cases sent to the wrong person. It’s a basic requirement in sales, to contact the person who has the power to make the decision to buy (or at least an influencer lower down the ranks).

Over the past few months I’ve had to increase my prospecting activities. I’ve looked at a lot of so-called great prospecting systems from Internet marketers, consultants and other business experts. When you dig a bit deeper, you find that these are hardly such promising prospecting models and processes.

I’ve found that the best responses come when you prospect with quick to-the-point messages, are totally honest and have a clear value promise to your prospect. So have the people I’ve trained to write effective one-messages for prospecting and other communication.

The way I go about this is not for everyone but if you are having problems with prospecting for sales, you might be interested in the One-minute Messages for Short Attention Spans training that I’m offering to help business people. My email contacts are available on the website, if you want to contact me.

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