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How do you make money if you are caught in the poverty trap?

An American union boss said this:

“I define a recession as when your neighbor loses his job, but a depression is when you lose your own.”

Don’t you enjoy a film or story about someone who gets into a deep hole and battles to find their way out?

Your interest suddenly piques, and all you want to do is find out how they can free themselves.

It’s frightening when you fall into a deep hole and there is seemingly no escape. 

I came across a story about a woman who was a zoologist and her husband, a building contractor, who have now been reduced to poverty. The woman is begging on the streets in a coastal village.

This is a tragedy for many people in the times we are living in.

Now what’s interesting about the story is that a young man stopped to get this woman’s story and is now trying to raise funds on an internet site. What this young man will need is business writing skills to persuade people to help this elderly couple in distress.

If you had to ask me what I am for, I would probably tell you that I am for assisting people to use their creativity to make income, whatever the source. I am also for honest people who can work and persist. I am for people who want to acquire skills that can help them grow.

What I am against are promises from big corporations that quickly fire even their best staff during difficult times. I am against governments that profess to create jobs but, in reality, are unable to do so (without great cost to taxpayers’ money). I am against people who give the wrong advice and mislead people.

So with that said, if you want to make money from your business writing, one of the first things you can do is learn to be more persuasive with the written word. You need to learn all you can.

You may begin by assisting family and friends with, for example, writing their Facebook ads. A well-written, persuasive, classified ad on Facebook can help people sell things, sell their services, and make money.

Something else you can do is make a list of areas that interest you and that you would like to write about. For example, if you are in the fashion business, then explore opportunities to write for the fashion industry. The same could be said of a host of other areas.

Now, it’s always good to have a sideline income when you hit a dry season in your life. You can build that sideline into a full-time business.

If you wish to increase your business writing skills, I can simplify things for you. Contact me by email, and let’s find out what we can do.

When starting out with anything, you will nearly always have to learn new skills. If you sit around talking about something or even just thinking about something, you’ll never get off the ground.

You have to take the first step. That first step helps you build momentum. Someone said something wise to me the other day, which was to take action first, and then you will feel the motivation.

People fear making a decision. It’s up to you to put your fear behind you and make a decision that will be an important, small step in the right direction.

 Chesney Bradshaw

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